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Supplies-list |Naperville | APN Cleaning Service

We need the following cleaning supplies before our next visit.

Please buy:

For cleaning the bathrooms:

□Glass Cleaner

□Bathroom Cleaner

□Bathroom Cleaner with bleach - Clorox


□Soft Scrub

□Comet or Ajax– Powder
□Mr. Clean Magic Erasers


□Scrub Brush

□Toilet Bowl Cleaner

□Toilet Bowl Brush

For cleaning the kitchen

□Lysol Kitchen Cleaner or Fantastic

□Granite Cleaner
□SS Cleaner - Zep 

□S.O.S Pads

For dusting:

□Swiffer Duster Extender

□Swiffer Duster Refills

□Furniture Polish

For the floors:

□Swiffer Sweeper

□Dry Cloths for Swiffer

□Bona Mop
□Bona pads

□Bona Floor Cleaner
□White Vinegar

□Pine Sol or Lysol

□Cleaning Towels-10

□Paper Towels



□Caddy for the cleaning products 


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